Wednesday, August 10, 2005

When Doves Fly Away: What happens to all those birds they release?

From Slate:
"Bird rescue workers say that a ring-neck dove released in a city will likely starve—if it doesn't get hit by a car or eaten by another bird first."
I guess its all about "Peace" except for the dove.
"Dove releases are fairly common in the United States, but there aren't many laws concerning the abandonment of domestic birds. In most jurisdictions, anyone can walk into a pet store, buy some white ring-neck doves (for about $25 each), and release them at a wedding or a funeral."

You may rightfully ask "Why Loser Brother did you post this as your other posts deal with being a loser?" I answer, "Thank you for the question. And you're right, but this is a question a Loser Brother would ask. As such, I posted it for the benefit of other LBs out there."

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  • Salam
    Actually at my sister's recent wedding in Ohio they rented the birds from an agency that has trained them to fly back to the agency on release. It seems that some doves are trainable to "home" to the agency they are rented from. So they aren't just tame birds released into the wild in that case. Not sure if this is the norm - and what about those mass releases of doves at events like Hiroshima rememberances?

    By Blogger Anna in PDX, at 8/10/2005 01:08:00 AM  

  • Dear Anna - please do read the full Slate article as it answers your question. I don't think doves can be trained to return; they probably used pigeons as the full article mentions.

    By Blogger Loser Brother, at 8/10/2005 03:07:00 AM  

  • I agree that it is cruel for people to release white doves into the wild. Caged birds do not know how to survive in the wild, and soon succumb to starvation or are killed by preditors.
    However, the doves released by professional release services are actually trained homing pigeons, not doves. Through careful breeding, the white homing pigeons can have the classic features of the snow dove, yet maintain their homing ability. This is the perfect release dove. The business is not profitable if the doves fail to return home.
    There is an interesting article about the history of white doves in the Western tradition at:
    Release doves are treated very well, and their beauty is appriciated by all.

    By Blogger John Smith, at 12/23/2005 07:18:00 PM  

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