Saturday, August 20, 2005

The 40-Year-Old Virgin: When Fact is Fiction

I am happy to share with you the words of another Loser Brother on the movie "The 40-Year-Old Virgin."

In an earlier Top 10 list [link] I had mentioned that the movie would resonate with many a LB...and as the following review shows it has:

The wise man says the truest form of art is that which imitates life. A mirror that reflects the accurate image of society, of life, of a man's soul. Once in a while, a rare movie comes along that speaks for a million voiceless voices. That movie has now come.

(DRUMROLL……..) " THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN" : Or, The Autobiography of every Loser Brother Muslim man spawned from Adam to Present. How cathartic to know that brown and Muslim folk aren't the only ones incapable of plowing the metaphorical field to yield visceral fruits. I saw my utter dorkiness and loserishness portrayed perfectly by Steve Carrell, the lead actor, as the 40 year old virgin, who is well mannered, meticulous, and good natured Samaritan whose kindness yields endless, lonely nights of playing video games, collecting toys and comic books, and dancing to 80's music all by his lonesome in his tidy apartment.

As Tyrone pillages the ho-field with wild abandon, our 40 year old virgin, a worthy substitute for any loser brother, represses his lust pangs with the naïve yet hopeful wish that one day, he, too, will no longer be a 40 year old virgin…rather, he will emerge a 40 year old…MAN. Loser Brothers, however, resign themselves to chai and Maxim.com online.We hope our sacrifice will get us janaat, but even that's not a guarantee. Movie deserve 6 starts out of 5!!!

[Ed: If you are a Loser Brother and would like to share your review of the movie send me an email.]

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