Saturday, October 20, 2007

Corporatization aka Globalization

In case you were wondering who made the clothes you may be wearing these days...

It is interesting to note that while so-called Progressive-Modernist-Moderates (i.e. the allies of Imperialism and Neo-Colonialism) love to point fingers at Muslims about "women's rights." Rarely, if ever, do they address the corporate control of women in the "third world."

The reason they don't address these issues is because, as part of the elite of Muslim majority countries, they benefit from the economic, and sexual exploitation (brothels and prostitution) of Muslim women. If they were raise the issues of such exploitation, the finger would point right back at 'em - after all it is these liberals who have made deals with major American and European corporations to open up abusive factories.

Next time you hear about anyone wanting to make any Muslim majority country into a "moderate modern progressive" nation - remember this video - this is what they mean:

(Of-course similar conditions exist in Mexico, Central and South America - and elsewhere).

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