Monday, November 27, 2006

your brain on mainsream media

Do you want your brain to look like that? Yes? OK - -- stop now --- go back to your ABC/CNN/FOX/PBS/BBC/Univision etc.

Whats that you say? Can't hear you --- louder! Whatz that again? --- You said NO?!!! You don't want your brain to look like that?!!! OK --- then read on.

There are now a number of online radio stations that you can listen to while you blog away --- or cook that bhiryani falafel chulu kabab mashed potato pumpkin pie --- or whatever...

Here is what you do --- you gonna need itunes --- just download it...

Step 1. Download this file here and save it on your desktop (right click on the link, save etc.)

Step 2. open up itunes --- and click on file, and then click on Import:

Step 3: Then select the file "publicradio.txt" on your desktop (that's the file you downloaded in step 1, above).

Step 4 --- click on "Choose" and now look at the playlist section of itunes (on the left) and you should see a new playlist called "publicradio." Click on "publicradio" and you'll see a screen like this:
Step 5 --- click on any of the stations on the right --- and watch your brain recharge.

These all are, of-course, my selection. There are many more around, if you know of any that should be on the list, let me know in the comments section. Also let me know if, for some reason, this does not work for you.

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and Tele Sur

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