Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Radical Islamism

The politics of violence, the economics of greed and the monoculture of consumerism are inseparable facets of a contemporary malaise that has its roots in European colonialism. Today, this reformulated imperialism constitutes an international menace that poisons the souls of millions through its insipid materialism and self-serving individualism. Moreover, its ecological fall out – climate chaos - now threatens to kill and displace millions.

In my view, there is a spiritual and moral imperative to challenge this state of affairs, with a view to establishing a world where political violence is non-existent, where all forms of human exchange are based on the best of values and where din al-Haqq is once again irrevocably established as central to all human cultures. I do not believe there is a single means to achieve this end, but I do suggest a uniquely Islamic way forward.

I hereby propose a radical Islamism whereby Muslims in all nations and in all walks of life seek to affect change everywhere and at every level of society, through bearing witness to the beauty, truth and justice revealed in the āyāt of al-Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (aws). In striving for this transformation of humankind and its deliverance into a time of love of Allah (‘Ishq), I propose Muslims consent to:

1. Make an uncompromising commitment to hold fast to the five pillars of Islam;
2. Study Qur’an and the life of the Prophet (aws) for at least one hour every day;
3. Strive to ensure every actions is undertaken with an intent to serve Allah (swt) only;
4. Seek to uphold the qualities of truthfulness, humility, courage, modesty, kindness, poverty, simplicity and good manners as exemplified by Muhammad (aws);
5. Ensure all activism (sadaqah) informs and is informed by inner learning (jihad).

I call on all Muslims, women and men, to reject teachings which declare this world inherently dystopic, and recognise the perennial truth and human diversity at the same time as uniting in a commitment to the Islamic principles herein. And in bringing the love of Allah (swt) to all peoples and all nations in peace and humility, we seek to rescue humankind from the calamity that surely comes from wilful ingratitude, insha Allah.

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