Friday, February 18, 2005

Masoom - "innocence"

A walk through pristine redwoods - fern, and crystal clear rivers
hear gentle sounds of a breeze swaying tall trees

Overlooking a deep blue ocean of peace - shimmering,
and a few wisps of clouds

crashing waves and a symphony of sounds - so pure

A newly born baby girl, so full of wonder, and innocence - masoom

Have you seen the redwoods torn down? And rivers clogged -
with beer cans, and toxic waste?

The ocean of peace used for battleships of war a few thousand miles away?

The symphony: massive exploding bombs indiscriminate slaughter.

And the newly born baby girl - buried alive - do you hear her cry?

This is the story of Karbala --- thus far. Ya Abbas, Ya Hussein...

A few tears, may our hearts soften - inshallah.

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