Monday, January 07, 2008

What do Pakistanis want?

The latest poll on Pakistan, nothing that most Muslims, and Pakistanis don't know already --- but worth a read. Full report available here (pdf).

A few selected items: 

Pakistanis want a larger role for Islamic Shari'a: 60%

A smaller role: 11% 

Pakistanis oppose secularization of daily life: 69% 

favor secularization: 13%

Importance of country governed by elected representatives 

very important and absolutely important: 71%

Those who want secularization, are not too keen on having elected representatives (not surprising, given who the liberal-elite/secular forces are in Pakistan): 

Among the 60 percent majority who support a larger role for Shari’a compared to current Pakistani law, 64 percent give the importance of democracy a 10; among those who want the role of Shar’ia to decrease or stay the same, only a quarter (25-26 percent) give the importance of democracy a 10. Similarly, among the 31 percent for whom it is extremely important to live in a country governed by Islamic principles, and who give Pakistan a low rating in this regard, 72 percent give the importance of democracy.

US military presence in Asia a critical threat: 72%

US military presence in Afghanistan a critical threat: 68%

Pakistanis are right on that the US so-called "war on terror" is a war on Islam and Muslims. 

US goal is to weaken and divide the Islamic world: 86%

Pakistan / US cooperation has benefitted Pakistan: 18%

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