Saturday, January 05, 2008

Top 10 Podcasts

The top 10 podcasts from June 15th thru December 31st 2007 - click here to subscribe to the ihsan podcast (not updated as frequently as I would like, but very good quality). The numbers in parenthesis are the times the podcasts have been downloaded. 

10 (286)  Malik Rahim on Katrina and New Orleans

9: (300) Muslim and Arab Anti War voices 

8: (314) Media Defamation of Muslims (direct audio lnk)

7: (336) As Sabiqun by Imam Musa (direct audio link)

6: (363) Shia Sunni Fitna by Amir Abdul Malik Ali

5: (375) Islam and Social Justice - Farid Esack and Ingrid Mattson

4: (460) Lal Masjid - What do they want? (Urdu, with partial English translation)

3: (661) Against Islamophobia

2: (662) Dua Ahad (a flash presentation)

And the #1 podcast is a video cast ---- The Dalai Lama's Family Album! viewed more than 1500 times!

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