Thursday, January 03, 2008

shaytan's fear

(Shaytan speaks to his advisors:)

  I know this nation to Quran holds not,
The old craze for wealth (sarmiya dari - capitalism) is the Momin ‘s thought.

In dark nights of East this point I behold,
The sleeves of Harem Sheikhs no white hand hold.

I am but afraid that this modern age,
May force this age to know the Prophet’s creed.

Beware! hundred times from the Prophet’s Act,
It guards women honour, makes man perfect.

A death knell to those who made the mar, and slave,
It ruled out kingship, no beggary it gave.’

It cleaned the man’s wealth from’ every stain,
It made the rich trustees of wealth’s wrong drain.

No bigger revolution could be of deeds and thoughts,
 not owned by a king, this earth belongs to Allah!

His Constitution must be kept hidden from whole world’s eye,
To my solace, the Momin is far away (from this Constitution) .

Let him be fastened in metaphysics lone,
In his own meanings of the Qur'an’s tone.

Allama Iqbal, iblis ki majlis shura  original Urdu text here  (don't bother with the English if you speak/read/write Urdu)

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