Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Lal Masjid massacre

Ghazi Abdul Rasheed Embraces Martyrdom Along With His Mother; Around 1000 Students Massacred; Tyrant Forces Begin Cover Up Operation Amid Fake Bomb Blasts

Jul 11, 2007

By Ahmed Jan

Islamabad: The Pakistani nation and the Ummah has sunk into grief after the confirmed reports that Ghazi Abdul Rasheed has been martyred by apostate regime forces. According to the reports Ghazi Abdul Rasheed was holed up inside the basement of the Jamia Hafsa Madrassah and was commanding the resistance from there. While wounded due to bullet shot on his leg and the commandoes arrived and asked him to surrender. It is reported that the commandoes were in direct communication with Musharraf at that moment.

On refusal to surrender he was shot at point blank range and he embraced his greatest desire martyrdom. His elderly mother who was also severely wounded due to bullet shots has also attained martyrdom along with his two aunties and many other family members. His body has been moved out and is being taken to undisclosed location.

It is believed that he was martyred during the early phases of operation before noon when he was talking to the media on mobile phone and he said that the commandoes were already approached him and his martyrdom was certain, after which the communication broke off. But to give the fake impression of fierce resistance this news was revealed in the evening. Moments before his martyrdom some media persons received his mobile SMS that only three of his comrades were left putting resistance.

After statements of support for operation by the leader of secular and liberal Pakistan Peoples Party, Benazir Bhutto, there is dangerous smell of tension. While the Islamic forces are in the state of extreme shock, humiliation, frustration and anger, the liberal elements have welcomed the massacre. This is the defining moment for Pakistan. The War that was ignited by US across the western border has raged to the very heart of Pakistani society.

The Islamic political parties who had been completely ineffective during the week long crisis have announced three days of national mourning. They had been criticized by Ghazi Abdul Rasheed before his martyrdom for not taking clear and strong stance and their failure to recognize and support the true cause. The Islamic politicians seem ready to launch their election campaign in the name of the same martyrs whom they had abandoned in need.

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