Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lal Masjid Islamabad attacked


Lal Masjid was attacked today by the puppet regime of Mu(Bu)sharraf (la). The masjid was surrounded by thousands of armed para-millitary forces (rangers), who bombed the masjid, killing over a 1000 ( both women and men students)- including the leader of the masjid: Shaheed Abdul Rashid Ghazi.

It was expected by both Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa that the puppet regime (la) would at some point attack the students. However, what I find even more despicable than Musharraf are those liberals, progressives, enlightened moderates, and other "roshan kihyalists" who have been egging on the regime to impose the so-called "writ of the government." The writ of an illegal puppet regime - a regime that is part of the imperialist war on Islam, and Muslims.

Now, after these attacks and killings, we have articles by liberals and progressives, such as Beena Sarwar, and Pervez Hoodbhoy, who, instead of questioning, or condeming the actions of the puppet regime, are coming up with psuedo-analyses about the phenomena of "madressas" and "mullahs." In effect approving, if not outright applauding these despicable acts.

It was only a few days ago that Musharraf announced that he would be willing to attack Lal Masjid, if the media refrained from showing dead bodies. This comment was largely met by silence, with little or no sense of outrage by the NGO "human rights" community of Pakistan. You can well imagine the kind of complete hue and cry that would be raised if a maulvi, or an Islamic group made such a murderous statement. But, because the liberals/progressives count Musharraf as one of their own, they choose to stay silent (yeah, they pay lip service to "democracy" and so on... that basically means replacing one puppet with another even worse individual).

Those Muslims who were against the Lal Masjid, and in one way or the other called for these attacks, might want to remember a verse from the Qur'an:

"Have you not regarded those who claim that they believe in what has been sent down to you, and what was sent down before you? They desire to seek the judgement of the taghut, though they were commanded to defy it, and shaytan desires to lead them astray, into far error" (Qur'an 4:60)

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