Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Iranian newspaper insults Barney!

****Calling Cheney a dinosaur is a grave insult to Barney and all dinosaurs! Iran should be grateful that Barney is the forgiving type.... otherwise... *****

The last living dinosaur found in Washington roamed over to the Middle East to growl his final breaths from the deck of USS Stennis American aircraft carrier. Funny how a nearly extinct species chooses another nearly extinct species of a vessel as a setting to bemoan his imminent departure from a life drenched in the innocent blood of his victims.

The US Vice-President Dick Cheney heaved what may well be his last threat against the Islamic Republic of Iran from among officers and men aboard a symbol of the US past as a so-called sole superpower in the ever Persian Gulf.

And while Cheney was busying himself with his little publicity stunt the knives were already being unsheathed in Washington for a welcome home party on Capitol Hill reminiscent of the final welcome Julius César received at the Senate in Rome. Moves to impeach Cheney for consequences to the US of his fossilized Neo-Conservative policies in the Middle East have already begun. A befitting end to a career spanning mass murder, torture, and racketeering, can only be playing the fall guy for President George W Bush.

The changing face of warfare is something that those of Cheney’s light intellectual caliber have evidently not fathomed. The totally extinct dinosaur Donald Rumsfeld did not grasp the new realties of warfare and the advanced doctrines at play either, which is perhaps why he went extinct. Wave after wave of fighter jets, tanks, armored personnel careers, advanced ships and helicopter gunships have failed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Six US occupation troops were killed and another three taken prisoner while Dick Cheney was still in the Middle East.

Perhaps US occupation forces would have a better chance of survival if their vehicles are up-armored with Dick Cheney’s skull because evidently nothing has managed to get through his skull if he still believes that he can threaten Iran militarily at a time when the so-called US troop surges in Iraq have not made the slightest bit of difference to the tragic state of insecurity and daily slaughter of innocent civilians.

Whether the US oil giants Chevron and Exxon may have done well out of their chief lobbyist Dick Cheney’s visit to Iraq is another story. Cheney did not travel to Baghdad out of concern for the US troops stranded in a lose-lose situation, nor did he pay his surprise visit out of compassion for hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilian fatalities brought about as a consequence of his decisions in occupied Iraq. Mr Cheney went in the hope of sprucing up his shares’ values in US oil companies seeking to impose their terms on the Iraqi nation via a law called the “Iraqi Oil Theft Law” by the press.

Mr Cheney must have believed everything he saw in the recent Hollywood film “300” put about the battle of Thermopile between the Persian Empire and Greek city states to have dared threaten Iran. However myths do not make for facts otherwise the US vice-President would not be arriving in Baghdad International Airport wearing a bullet proof vest.

Last summer 278 lightly armed Hezbollah commandoes stood against the might of the Zionists regime’s reputedly fourth best army in the world in southern Lebanon. Thirty thousand Zionist soldiers backed by tanks, artillery, state of the art battleships and hundreds of US manufactured jet fighters bombing Hezbollah positions around the clock failed even to get a toe hold in Lebanon. They were sent packing back in disgrace to the patch of usurped land they call Israel with the Zionist sponsored Western press trying to put the best face on their humiliating historic defeat through calling the 33-day War inconclusive.

The Hollywood flick “300” was put together from images obtained from a children’s comic book and combined with some Greek self-congratulatory fairy tales. The US trained and equipped Zionist army’s defeat at the hands of just 278 Hezbollah commandos allegedly trained by the Islamic Republic’s forces, happened only ten months ago.


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