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Lal Masjid, Islamabad - what do they want? (I)

Reading articles on the Lal Masjid, and Jamia Hafsa by Pakistan's liberal elite, I get the impression that not only are Pakistan's liberals intellectually bankrupt, but their fear of Islam is at a level where they are willing to give up whatever few principles they once might have had. They have capitulated almost entirely towards supporting a military regime that is enacting US imperialist policies in the country. The only real exception to this have been the lawyers who have taken a strong stand against the American puppet regime of General Musharraf.

What is truly ironic in this liberal tizzy is that they are calling for "rule of law" to be enforced (against Lal Masjid) by an illegal military regime, whose "legitimacy" is based on a fraudulent "referendum." A regime that, in accordance with instructions from D.C., has killed and disappeared thousands; questions about these actions may have been one reason why the Chief Justice was fired by the puppet Musharraf (another illegal act).

Now, Lal Masjid is, in reality, not all that far from the establishment, and was close to previous military regime of Zia ul-Haq (another US puppet). And I am very cautious about what exactly they are demanding, and regarding their views about Shi'a Muslims, and other "minority" religious groups in Pakistan. I've tried to search for some specific statements from them about Shi'a Muslims, but other than a couple of vague third party reported statements, have not found anything specific.

While caution is in order, if one is going to critique a group - it is important to at least take a look at what they are saying, rather than base one's critique on virtolic anti-Islam (and pro-secularist) rhetoric, as Pakistani liberal elites are doing these days.

Following is a translation of parts of a draft plan for implementation of Islamic system in Pakistan, that was read at the Lal Masjid by its leader Maulana Abdul Aziz. It should be noted that he emphasises that this is a draft plan, that requires further thought and consideration by the nation. If the liberals in Pakistan had some imagination, instead of being reactionary, they might have taken up the Maulana's offer. They might have had a serious discussion about the issues he has raised, instead of calling for violent attacks on the Lal Masjid by the "authorities" as some have implied in some of their horribly rotten classist comments.

The entire talk in Urdu can be heard by clicking here

Excerpts of Khaka Hokoomat, translated to English:

Dear students and the mujahida and daughters of Jamia Hafsa,

Everything has reached its limit – from bribery to poverty, what is the solution? There is only one solution – the implementaion of an Islamic system.

Tax is allowed to an extent, but not oppressive tax, taxes have become oppressive in the nation, including tax on natural gas and electricity, those taxes should be finished, and made in accordance with sharia.

And if there is a question (about needing taxes for) government expenses, then the government should adopt simplicity, and unnecessary travel, and expenses should be stopped. Always the lower class of the country are asked to sacrifice, now the upper class should be asked to sacrifice. They should make their life simple, if they are to have a car, then it should be a simple car, if there is to be a house, then it should be a very simple house.

Robbery has reached its limit in the country, murder has reached its limit – sharia hudood should be implemented, so that this all be stopped. Concerning thieves, create a ministry so that they could be educated with love , those who are thiefs because of unemployment, they should be educated with love, and brought towards the religion, and until they are employed, the government should provide for them, and for their household expenses.

This experiment we have done in our area with dacoits and thieves, we educated them on how to repent, Alhamdulillah they also have courage, they are also Muslim - but they are using their efforts for shaytan, we talked with them about how to use their effort for compassion (Rahman) – then we saw they also have deen (religion) in their blood. They are also Muslim, they got a little bit of love, and they repented from thievery.

The official language should be made Urdu in this country… here in our country, the language of the country is Urdu, but people do not write or read Urdu, and the official language is English. A poor villager (who does not read or write English) when they get official letters, they get it in English – and then they have to go through a great deal of trouble to get that letter read.

Interest should be finished in the country, all banks should be Islamic Banking, and interest system should be finished.

Alcholism and opium use has reached its limit in the country. There should be immediate laws against this, and according to Islamic law, implement strict punishment, so that no one brings in drugs and alcohol inside our country. Our generation is being destroyed because of alcohol and drugs.

Every city has an area where the poor have set up their tents, they do not even have their basic necessitites met – they live in tents, and sometimes husband and wife with children live in one tent. How can husband a wife live under one tent with their children? This is oppression, not even animals live like this, like how the poor live in our country. They should be immediately given land, and cement, and other building implements to build their homes. And for the poor to stand on their own feet, they should be given money for small businesses, and radio and TV should have programs about how a poor person can become self-sufficient.

This way the nation will not become a nation of beggars but can stand on their own feet with self-respect.

Our newspapers are publishing pictures (referring to soft-porn that are published widely in Pakistani daily newspapers, both the English and Urdu newspapers publish soft-porn) that are destroying our generation. This is leading to attacks and rape on our sisters. When there are such attacks, not only is the male youth responsible, but also the journalists who are spreading such anarchy. The shop keepers who sell the papers are also responsible.

This is why we ask that the Ulema have a committee that would be responsible to come up with a code of ethics for the newspapers , and make them responsible to this code of ethics. And according to which our nation will have respect, and our sisters are respected.

There should also be a committee for radio and televison, and they should be run in according to sharia, and given advise on programs that would lead to the nation becoming doctors and engineers, and become part of good works .

The country’s jail has many innocent people, there should be a group who will investigate these cases, and those without any crime, they should be released. And those who are criminals, they should also be taught how to avoid crime. When possible, release them on bail, and send them to tablighi jamaats for education for four months. Even now, the criminals are released on bail to work at different officer’s homes.

In the same way, for four months, they should released on bail to go to jamaats for four months. So that their life may become stable. And for those who have to be kept inside jails, for them also , the question should be asked what crime have their wife and children done? For them, their wife and children, they should be able to visit every month for three days at a home, and their wife and children should be allowed to stay with them. So that their lives are not destroyed sitting only at home.

Education should be free in the entire country, and education should be made available for the entire country, there are thousands of educational institutions that are fake – they should be closed. Instead, those sisters who are educated, and those sisters who are Islamic scholars, they should be encouraged to open shools in their homes. And they should get Rs. 3-4000 payment, and take into account how many boys and girls are studying at these home schoos. This way education will beome widespread, and those fake schools, they will be closed.

part II here

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  • Assalamoulaykum

    You can read about Lal Masjid in 'Schooling Islam' eds Hefner and Zaman. Its amazing.

    M Q Zaman has researched the diversity of madrassa education in south asia, with a focus on deobandiness. To those of us who are 'for' Islamic education, knowing the history and reality warts and all is essential.

    By Blogger Fuad Ali, at 5/17/2007 04:26:00 AM  

  • You guys are nothing but crazy people who are destroying the name of Islam and becoming an embarrassment for all muslims.

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