Sunday, February 04, 2007

Labbaik Ya Hussein!

Sayyed Nasrallah: All resistance movements face challenge of not slipping into civil war.

"Brothers and sisters, you have gathered in Beirut's southern suburb and you have pledged alliance to Imam Hussein (peace be upon him). This is what your brothers and sisters have said as they gathered in every city and town in Lebanon to mark the 10th day of Muharram (Ashoura).

You have always been sincere in your pledges as you were in 2006. You have been loyal to Imam Hussein. You have patiently confronted, sacrificed and triumphed in the war. Your men have revived Imam Al-Abbas (Imam Hussein's brother), your youth have revived Ali Al-Akbar (Imam Hussein's young son) and your women have revived Zeinab and Sukeina (Imam Hussein's sister and daughter).

Your destroyed houses brought back the scene of the burning tents of Imam Hussein's household and companions. You have stood up to the Zionists, George Bush, Condoleezza Rice and all the criminals and killers who wanted to defeat you. Your voices in 2006 were the loudest when you insisted that you refuse to be defeated and humiliated and said "no to disgrace." In July and August 2006, you showed that blood can triumph on the sword and the oppressed can triumph on the oppressor. This resistance in Lebanon has always been our "Karbala" in Lebanon and our strength and hope and our aspiration to the future.

Brothers and sisters:

Yesterday outgoing Israeli army chief of staff Dan Halutz told the Winograd committee that is probing the Israeli failure in Lebanon, that he did not order a full scale ground operation because he did not trust the capabilities of the Israeli army can defeat Hezbollah..Why? They sought to occupy Bint Jbeil, this town which they wanted to avenge from because it was there where it was said that Israel is weaker than cobweb. The commander of the strongest army in the region does not trust his soldiers can defeat Hezbollah and fears from a front in the smallest Arab country. On the 10th of Muharram of this year, we renew our pledge of alliance and our commitment that we will not let Lebanon be defeated. We will not let this country that has broken the strongest army in the region be humiliated.

Brothers and sisters:

After this great historic victory, it is natural that your existence represents a threat to Lebanon's enemies; this is why you are being threatened incessantly. Today, media outlets are passing on George Bush's threats to Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. Why is Bush threatening Hezbollah? Is it because this party has been sowing chaos in Lebanon? Where is this chaos Hezbollah has been sowing in Lebanon? Who is really sowing chaos and sedition in this country? Those who sowed chaos, destroyed and killed in Lebanon are Bush and Condoleezza Rice. They were the one who ordered war against Lebanon. George Bush wants to punish you because you have triumphed and because, in the American era, you are not allowed to keep your heads raised. You are only allowed to be humiliated in front of the Americans. Let it be clear, from here where we commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, we say that we are people who refuse humiliation and disgrace. Lebanon has always been and will continue to be the graveyard of invaders.

Brothers and sisters:

There had been tension in occupied Palestine and Iraq is passing through a great ordeal. In the meantime, an Arab leader predicted three civil wars will break out in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon. Strange are these predictions which come true. Every time they say that an assassination or any other evil deed will take place, their predictions come true! Anyway, what has been said about Iraq was not strange. What's strange is what is being said about Lebanon and Palestine, which means that the plot to crush resistance movements in the region through internal strife is the pursued goal in this American era. How would they have anticipated a civil war in Lebanon if they were not planning for it through their tools and agents in the country? Today, there is internal strife in Palestine and Iraq is drowning in a sea of blood. Isn't it obvious that the countries that are threatened with civil wars are occupied countries with resistance movements in them? The big challenge for the resistance movements in Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon is to avoid slipping into civil war. They are stirring up sedition between Sunnis and Shiites, but in Palestine there are no Shiites and Sunnis, so they invented a war between factions.

Brothers and sisters:

Through you, the resistance will be patient and challenge all attempts to push the country into civil war. I ask the residents of Beirut not to be intimidated by anyone. We must be aware of the sedition that is being sowed for us. Those who say that the resistance is tired and has lost hope is very mistaken. The resistance that is related to God and to Imam Hussein can never be tired or lose hope. I tell those who say that we have forgotten the occupied Shebaa Farms and diverted our focus to the alleys of Beirut, I tell them: since you are calling for the liberation of the Shebaa Farms and accusing us of monopolizing the resistance, let us declare a national resistance to liberate the Shebaa Farms. Today I call for the formation of a national resistance for everyone to take part in.

Brothers and sisters:

As a Lebanese National opposition, we will continue in our movement for reform to take Lebanon out of its social, economic and political crises. No one can save Lebanon alone.

Concerning Tuesday and Thursday's incidents in which four Sunni and Shiite martyrs fell, we call for an investigation to find and punish those responsible for killing and sedition. But he who wants to be the judge and the executioner at the same time, I tell him that this is not the way to bare responsibility. I openly say that the way we handled Tuesday and Thursday's incidents will draw the future of Lebanon that we yearn for, but we refuse to resort to arms. The opposition underlines the political and peaceful solution for the ongoing crisis in Lebanon and stresses that its demands are political and the solution and settlement can only be of a political nature and we support any initiative in this regard.

We will stay in Lebanon to protect its future and dignity and to take this country out of its crises. We have no other choice, we do not have other nationalities or other countries to go to. We were born here and we will resist here, and here we shall die.

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