Monday, December 25, 2006

an xmas message

some interesting thoughts for mosques to keep in mind, too..

Ayatullah Khomeini's Christmas Message to the Christian World

Ayatullah Khomeini gave his Christmas message to the Christians of the world on December 24, 1979. To have it reach you on Christmas Day we planned to print it in the WASHINGTON POST. But the Post refused the message unless we changed some words. Therefore, this message, meant for the holy day of Christmas itself, is reaching you after Christmas.

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

O Believers, rise up and be steadfast witness for God in equity and justice, and do not let hatred of any people turn you away from justice. Deal justly, that is nearer to righteousness. Observe your duty to God. For God knows what you do. - Holy Quran, Sura Ma'idah, aya 8

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after justice for they shall be filled. - Matthew, Chapter 5, verse 6

Blessed are those who are persecuted for justice sake: for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. - Matthew, Chapter 5, verse 10

Merry Christmas to the oppressed nations of the world, to the Christian nations and the Christians of Iran. Christ was a great messenger whose mission was to establish justice and mercy, and who with his heavenly words and deeds condemned the tyrants and supported the oppressed.

You priests and clergy, followers of Christ, rise up and give your support to the oppressed of the world against the oppressors, and for the sake of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ, ring the bells of your churches just once in support of the oppressed of Iran and in condemnation of the oppressors.

Carter, vanguard of the world's oppressors, called for the bells to be rung throughout the United States in support of his agents against the deprived Iranian nation. How good and appropriate that you ring the bells according to the order of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ in support of the oppressed nations crused under the boots of Carter's soldiers.

Happy are those who are hungry and thirsty for justice and strive after it. Woe to those who strive against the teachings of Jesus Christ and all the prophets, for the sake of spies and oppressors of the rights of nations.

And O Nation of the Messiah, and followers of Jesus, the spirit of God, rise up and defend the dignity of Jesus Christ, and the nation of Christianity, and do not let the enemies of the divine teachings and the opposers of godly orders give false impression of Christianity and its clergy to the oppressed peoples of the world. Do not be deceived by the presence of the super powers in churches, or by their prayers for spies and traitors. They think of nothing but more power, or supremacy over the world, which is against divine teachings. Our nation suffered from this hypocrisy of the oppressors for many years.

O Christians, what happened that Mr. Carter did not rise up against the massacres in Iran, Vietnam, Palestine, Lebanon and elsewhere; and he did not request the ringing of the bells? But now he has begun to pray, and has called upon the churches to ring the bells, for another term as President and for a few more years' continued suppression of the weakened nations.

O fathers of the church, rise up and save Jesus Christ from the clutches of these executions, since that great prophet dislikes the oppressor who uses religion as a tool of tyranny and prayer as a tool for reaching the throne of oppression over the creatures of God, since the heavenly teachings were sent down to release the oppressed.

And you, the oppressed of the world arise and unite to be rid of the oppressors, for the earth belongs to God, and its inheritors are the oppressed.

And you, the American nation, do not listen to the propaganda of Presidents who think of nothing but power, and be sure that our youth will treat the spies in a manner pleasing to God, because Islam orders us to have mercy on captives, even if they are tyrants and spies.

You the American nation, ask Carter to return the criminal deposed Shah to Iran because the key to the release of spies is in his hands.

And you who ring the bells, pray and ring the bells and beg God Almightly to confer a sense of justice and fairness on your presidents.

Happy are those who strive after justice and pray.

- Imam Khomeini

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