Monday, December 11, 2006

Who is Hizbollah?

Listen to Episode #1 of The Muslim Street: A new show on the Houston Pacifica station, KPFT.

"Heroes or Terrorists? Who is Hizbollah?" re(pod)cast on the ihsan podcast, or click here for audio web stream.

Host UmmAli talks to Ibrahim Mousawi Al Manar TV’s Chief Editor of Foreign News about Hizbollah’s emergence as a force in Lebanon’s democracy and the U.S.’s. role in Lebanese politics.

It’s about Islam. It’s about our voice. It’s about time.

The Muslim Street

Too often media coverage of issues dealing with Islam and Muslims ignores the voices of believing Muslims entirely; non-believers, ex-believers and Orientalists define us. The Muslim Street is a series of radio shows focusing on various aspects of Muslim belief, culture, global politics and Muslim life from the perspective of believers. The hosts and guests are people engaged in activism, academia and grassroots work within the local, national and international Muslim community.

This interview was broadcast on the Houston Pacifica station, KPFT, on a new show called The Muslim Street: You can listen live every Monday at noon (US Central Time) in Houston on 90.1FM or online at www.kpft.org.

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