Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Homeland Security Makes the Iftaar Dinner a Photo-Op

I submitted the following comment to the United States Department of Homeland Security through its comment page.
In the course of browsing for a flight to Washington state, I found a link from the Washington State government web site http://access.wa.gov/ to the National Threat Advisory at http://www.dhs.gov/. I click on the link and find that on this site's home page is an announcement that officials at Homeland Security hosted an Iftaar dinner.

I recommend the immediate removal of this from your web site. It is a direct association of a religious practice with a security threat.

If the Department of Homeland Security wants to announce that it has held meetings with Muslims to discuss security issues, that is fine. But it is not fine to make a photo-op out of a religious occasion, thereby perpetuating an association between religious practice and violence.

Ayman Fadel

[Address and phone number]

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