Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Contributed to the ihsan blog By Mustafa Zaidi

Theoritically, at least, no religion in the world praches hate and promotes violence. The great preachers never hated but loved. The great followers truthfully believed in the power of unity.

An unbiased and transparent understanding of the world religions will prove that the aim of human civilization is NOT existence but CO-EXISTENCE. Yes, living and wishing a great living for the rest. The aim of every religion is PEACE and through this peace we will reach God - the Creator of this Universe.

Our differences of opinions, values - cultural, ethical & social, geography and demography are infact DIVINE TESTS that demand an intellectual dialog. Some do not participate in the TESTS, while those who fail in it retaliate with violence and hatred. Those who fail in this world to preserve humanity must not hope for a divine reward or forgiveness.

Today, all the world forums talk about Right to Exist (and therefore the other must not) but do we not have the Right to Co-exist? Theory of Clash of Civilizations, that forecasts a massive destruction ahead, is based on the RIGHT TO EXIST while the thoery of Dialog Among Civilizations, that ensures eternal peace and prosperity, is based on OUR RIGHT TO CO-EXIST.

How wonderful the world would be where we live, care for and respect each other - a phenomenal action that translates into world prosperity, elimination of hatred and crime, equality of justice for all, selfless trade and transaction, preservation of ethical, moral and religious values through practice and propogation. Brothers and Sisters, let us plan to CO-EXIST.

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