Monday, September 25, 2006

Ramadan duas

Praise be to Allah, Who gives protection to the frightened;

comes to the help of the upright;

promotes the cause of the weak and the enslaved;

annihilates the autocrats; destroys rulers


appoints the 'awaited savours' in their place.

Praise be to Allah, Who breaks everything belonging to the oppressors;

puts an end to the tyrants; watches over the fugitives;

brings assistance to those who cry out for help;

meets and clears up the demands of the needy beseechers; supports the faithful.

Dua'a Jawshan al-Kabeer Listen/download recitation (mp3)

O Master of Masters, O Acceptor of prayers,
O Elevator of rank, O Guardian of good deeds,
O Forgiver of evil deeds, O Granter of requests,
O Acceptor of repentance, O Hearer of voices,
O Knower of attributes, O Repeller of calamities.
Praise be to You, there is no god but You, The Granter of all Succour, Protect us from the Fire, O Lord.

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