Friday, September 22, 2006

liberals line up behind el diablo

a brief vent post on liberals:

Here is how it goes, so President Hugo Chavez correctly calls the leader of the free world, el diablo. And as could be expected - we have the pathetic Democratic Party liberal hacks line up behind el diablo, condemning President Chavez. First to go to bat for el diablo was Nancy Pelosi - the Democrat from liberal San Francisco.

Next in line was Mr. Sell Out himself, Jesse Jackson - his words are instructive to understand this kind of mentality. Mr Sell Out says:

"Of course he feels that the U.S. government is part of trying to pull a
coup on him. ... But my appeal to him is get beyond the anger," Jackson

OK - so the US sponsored coup that President Chavez survived is just a "feeling" you see, maybe it is just a "feeling" that we all have that el diablo's actions slaughtered hundreds of thousands.

For liberals, if you can just deal with your "feelings" everything will be OK. And then oh, don't get angry, oh no, don't get angry about imperialism, don't get upset about the hundreds of thousands being killed because of US sponsored wars. Just work on your feelings, and everything will be OK.

President Chavez response to this kind of liberal BS was right on:

"Some people would like for me not to come, but I come. I come to say what I think must be said," Chavez said.

Unfortunately for the rest of the planet, there is no such thing as an opposition political party, and barely an opposition movement within the Imperial United States. The Democratic Party liberals have shown themselves to be just as full of rot, or worse, than their Republican counterparts.

As that old song: Love, love me, I'm a liberal sayz:

Well I’ve signed about a thousand petitions,

And my golf score is six under par.

And I keep myself up on the issues

By listening to N.P.R.,

And you know that I’m changing the world

With these stickers all over my car!

So love me, love me, love me, I’m a liberal!

On an encouraging note, the book by Noam Chomsky (not a liberal) that President Chavez promoted is the #1 best seller on Amazon! Order your copy today, before they all sell out!

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