Saturday, August 05, 2006

counter "israeli" and american propaganda

A barrage of "Israeli" propaganda is flooding the commercial airwaves around the world.

For those of us living within the borders of the primary supplier of arms to the Zionists - it is important to find alternative sources for our news.

Too much of CNN/FOX et al. can be seriously detrimental to your health and well being.

Here are a few recommended on-line audio/visiual sources that folks can view and/or listen to - I could only find one English language source that I can whole heartedly recommend. There are others, but I did not want to make a very large list, and focused only on a few I found to be clear headed in their politics. You can add other links in the comments section, please only audio/visual sources that can be viewed online.

Flashpoints is a radio news show that is produced five days a week at the Berkeley based radio station KPFA. The hour long show includes daily reports from south Lebanon and Palestine - with superb analyses and investigative reporting. Archives of the shows are available for streaming and download (mp3 format). A must daily listen. (English)

Tele Sur covers movements, and struggles from around the world - especially South American movements. The station has also been giving wide coverage to the current "israeli" attacks on Lebanon, including analyses and interviews direct from the region. (Spanish)

Venezolana de Television is the Venezuelan government TV station. Recently, President Hugo Chavez withdrew the Venezuelan ambassador from "Israel" as a protest against the continued zionist agression against Palestine and Lebanon. The station has regular features on Lebanon, and Palestine and takes a strong anti-imperialist stand. (Spanish, on their web site, click on "senal en vivo" to watch online)

Direct from Lebanon you can listen to inteviews, watch images of the war, and listen to Qur'an and duas. The "israelis" have attempted to bomb, jam, interrupt this station daily since the zionists began their war of agression - but the station has stayed on air. Click here to view. (Arabic)

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