Tuesday, July 18, 2006


there is nothing whizzing
imaginary lines of jets in the sky and blank sights of rubble
beyond my window is a tall cherry tree

i hear the words from gaza
200 years has this olive tree sustained us
and they come destroy on a whim
will i eat this year?
tawakkal 'alallah. so no problem.

these are the whispered prayers
that disintegrate
as my hope crumbles
these are the tears that fall
desperately trying to quench
salt inducing unending thirst

in this western wind
cloud and ocean merge
to belie that seconds of light away
the ground vibrates
and your families are not safe your families are not safe
swarming will you come overpower their bombs
crawling will you reach and destroy
screaming will you listen

while you cannot hear
my soul spills inconsequence
upon quicksand we sink
into the mire of apathy and lies
did we really believe they cared
did i believe - in internationality

each step upon this land
and soil digs deeper into my brown skin
suffocating i ask only of this earth
reject the hands of the oppressors
overturn in circles of disarray and nourish not their massacres
permit not their sky to rain or their ground to grow*

for there is no weekend
in war

*Sahifa, Dua #27, Supplication for the People of the Frontiers

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