Friday, July 28, 2006

Debt of ingratitude

As Israel calls up thousands more troops in preparation for a ground invasion of Lebanon, guess who's likely to have to pay for the all the destruction that's been caused? You've got it - Lebanon! Three Israeli lawyers are about to file a lawsuit in the US against the Lebanese government for compensation which would have to be paid to Israeli businesses for war damages. Nice little earner! The idea is that the Lebanese government (elected just last June) should have prevented Hezbullah from launching its attacks. What's at stake is Lebanon's breaching of the International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorism. Not a bad argument coming from a country engaged in a bloody illegal invasion of a neighbouring country that has seen 400 Lebanese killed together with 45 of its own civilian population in just over two weeks.

If the Lebanese refuse to cough up, a tough approach to debt collection is promised. The threat of economic sanctions will ensure that the cash is "collected from Lebanon without its consent." According to one of the well paid litigators pursuing the case, "we intend to sue other bodies as well in the case that the Lebanese government evades payment. No group associated in any way, shape, or form to Hizbullah is immune to these claims." And just what are the Lebanese people to make of this? Said lawyer went on, "In my opinion, the Lebanese need to sue their own government". The perfect answer for profit hungry lawyers and the parasites that like to make money from misery.

Source: SchNEWS

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