Friday, June 23, 2006

So what's it all about, then?

Michael Caine stars as the sexually liberal sixties spiv, Alfie

Poll shows Muslims in Britain are the most anti-western in Europe

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  • sounds like you Brits are setting a bad example for the rest of Europe/"West" ---

    i.e. the non-Muslim Brits is setting a bad example for the Muslims...

    It is time for the non-Muslim Brits to do a serious inward self-examination, and come up with statements about "how we are not that bad" - maybe even come out with some articles about how Brits really do respect women, and that how the moral corruption is really due to British culture, and - they can prove through whatever books they have that Pure British Tradition is truly egalitarian, respects women, and a very moral tradition - That the True Brit is against all forms of war (including the support for the US, and "Israel"). Maybe you can also come up with a statement saying how British means Peace!

    And how the greater war is the inward war? And how Tony Blair is really a modernist-reformer who is going against everything against what Britain truly stands for - and that by returning to the true British Tradition - the non-Muslims can and do believe in integration, and are willing to live in peace.

    Infact, maybe Muslim organizations (maybe even Iran) can fund non-Muslim British organizations that will represent the True British Tradition. And you can have conferences and invite British Traditionalists to spread the Gospel of The True Traditional Brit.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/23/2006 12:55:00 PM  

  • Oh, and maybe you can have some Progressive Brits who you can pit against Traditional Brits, and call them all backwards and war mongerers. Maybe you can find a Muslim Think Tank who can then fund and promote the Progressive Brits against Traditional Brits.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/23/2006 12:58:00 PM  

  • ROFLOL - fair point, and a pertinent one, but I suspect this poll is indicative of genuine divisions on the ground which go way beyond their politicisation.



    By Blogger Julaybib, at 6/24/2006 12:44:00 PM  

  • Maybe this will help? Are they distributing the book to American Embassies as well?

    "British embassies will distribute a new book on torture to health workers world-wide in an effort to encourage investigation and prevent more abuse.
    The book, Medical Investigation and Documentation of Torture, intends to raise awareness about torture and its effects on victims."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/25/2006 10:25:00 PM  

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