Thursday, May 18, 2006


Dear Humanity

On behalf of our Creator, we would like to apologise for Their inability to contact you directly. Unfortunately, the very nature of Allah (swt) precludes any form of uninterceded contact on health and safety grounds.

This issue has been actioned. Speaking in contemporary parable, the aforementioned hazards indicated the need for a risk analysis, which concluded that a danger of contact was likely where human iniquity invited direct intervention in human affairs by God, on ethical grounds. In such instances, the probability of complete and final obliteration of the soul or souls concerned was calculated to be high. Such annihilation was perceived as being in direct contravention of the Covenant of Alast, during which each human soul was led to understood that Allah (swt) is Merciful.

Consequently, Allah (swt) created us, and charged all our number except one with the protection of human beings from such contact, with the additional proviso that we would also assist humans in preparing for the closer proximity to the Divine that is inevitable after death. Moreover, instructions were given to explain how humans might, of their own volition, engage in activities such that life after death would be a cause for eternal celebration and joy.

You should be pleased to learn that the aforesaid health and safety guidelines are available in spoken and written form, for humanity to learn and disseminate throughout the biosphere. These guidelines were delivered by our most venerable colleague, Jibreel, directly to the most noble Prophet Muhammad (aws), in the early part of the 7th century CE in Arabic. They are now widely available in translation at a low cost or free, for your consideration.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of all the Universes. We trust this has clarified the current predicament of your species.

In Peace

The Angels

The above letter is an exegesis of the opening ayah of surah 42, focusing on the name of Allah 'The Magnificent' (ayat 4).

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