Tuesday, April 11, 2006

todos somos mojados!


500,000 in Dallas! The largest demonstration in that city's history! 50,000 in San Diego ! 10,000 in Fresno, California - another record broken! 25,000 in San Jose! 10,000 in San Francisco! And this has been the story throughout the United States, as a stand is taken against anti-immigrant legislation.

The above photograph is of a march in San Francisco, in the predominately immigrant Mission District. I've attended tons of demonstrations on that street, and have lived in that area for years and years, before I moved to Oakland. But today's demonstration was totally different.
Here we had people of the neighborhood marching for their rights, in huge numbers.

For once, the white liberals were on the side lines - and in a small minority (where did they all go???) - for once I did not feel patronized as some kinda token person of color that the liberals can point to as "diversity." For once - I could proudly chant in espanol (my third language) Si Se Puede! And hear the roar of tens of thousands chanting loudly and enthusiastically in espanol!

What makes these demonstrations so powerful is that they are almost entirely people from working class backgrounds - people who have been directly impacted by the anti-immigrant idiocity - that attacks people for their language, their accents, their color, and the kind of documentation people may or may not have. And don't be fooled by the large numbers of American flags, this is not some kind of jingoistic rah rah demonstrations - the people are politically aware --- if you speak espanol - the recognition of common causes is immediate.

And while Christian/Catholic - it was a welcome change to see the demo. begin and end with profound prayers, and readings from the Bible!

click here for independent media's immigrant rights coverage.

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