Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tele Sur

TeleSur is to Latin America what Aljazeera is to the "mid-east."

Well, not exactly, TeleSur is far more grassroots oriented, and its coverage includes the large scale social movements, and *alternatives* to Neo-Liberalism and Capitalism, that are sweeping the region

"Los que no han hablado. Los que llevan decenas de años como seres anónimos. Dirigentes sindicales, dirigentes populares. "

Click here for the TeleSur web site, and then click on "Senal en vivo" for web streaming. Of-course, all programing is in Spanish.

People of the Americas are rising once again, saying no to imperialism, saying no to fascism, saying no to intervention -- and saying no to death! - President Hugo Chavez

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