Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Petition for Dr. Zehra Attari

Update: 12/21/05

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'oon

At a Wednesday morning press conference, the family of Dr. Zehra Attari thanked everyone for their support during the investigation.

“It was 43 of the most awful days, not knowing where your mother is,” said Attari’s daughter, Ruby, during the press conference.

“They positively identified the body as that of Dr. Attari,” stated family spokesman Ed Vasquez.

Dr. Attari worked with low income children and residents of East Oakland.

"I would say that if I had any wish that would come from this tragedy, it would be that someone will carry on her work in the community in Oakland, with children. She was a real humanitarian in what she was doing.” - Susan Heeley, Alameda.

You may express your condolences to the family of Dr. Attari by signing a guestbook here


Sign petition to get the FBI involved in search for Dr. Attari. This is the kind of work the FBI should be doing in the first place. Click here to sign

Respected Officials:

Subject: We want you to request the Federal Bureau of Investingation (FBI) to get fully involved in searching for Dr. Zehra Attari.

Dr. Zehra Attari, a resident of San jose, CA, is a pediatrician who was helping the underserved population in Oakland, CA, especially the most vulnerable section of our society, the children. She had been serving the community in Oakland for nearly 6 years. She is a loving wife and mother of two daughters who are also studying to become doctors.

On Monday Nov. 7th, she mysteriously disappeared after she left at approximately 5:00 pm from her clinic to go to attend a meeting in Alameda. There has been no information about her or her car since then. Her family, friends and the larger community have all rallied to search for her. The television and print media have continuously given coverage about her disappearance, vigils have been held in Oakland and San Jose to create awareness about her disappearance, the police in San Jose and Oakland have been searching extensively , but to no avail. More than 16 days have elapsed without any word about Dr. Zehra Attari

We believe she was probably abducted, and fear for her safety. Because so much time has elapsed, and Dr. Attari could have been moved to any location within or outside the state of California. It is imperative that a federal agency such as the FBI gets immediately involved in her search.

We as a family and a community in need appeal for your help.

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