Thursday, November 24, 2005

A day of solidarity with Native Americans

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"In the absence of the sacred, nothing is sacred -- everything is for sale."

--Oren Lyons, ONONDAGA

The Elders often say that when something is sacred it has spiritual value.

You'll hear, on the Earth there are sacred spots.

You'll hear, our ceremonies are sacred, our children are sacred, marriage is sacred.

When something is sacred it means it's so holy you can't attach a value to it.

Therefore, it's not for sale.

It's an insult to suggest buying something sacred.

On the other hand, if we look at it differently, as there is no sacred land, ceremonies are not sacred, our children are not sacred, etc., then everything is for sale.

Sacredness creates spiritual space. Sacredness makes things holy. Sacredness shows respect for God.

Great Spirit, let me honor things that are sacred.


On the Ihsan Podcast, you can listen to Ward Churchill describe the FBI-COINTELPRO assault on the American Indian Movement - and what we all can learn from this history. Click here for web streaming.

A group of Native Americans in the area now called "New England" is observing a National Day of Mourning today (11/24) -

And in the San Francisco Bay Area, The International Indian Treaty Council invites indigenous peoples and friends to gather for a sunrise ceremony at Alcatraz Island: You Are On Indian Land.

For some beautiful Native music check out Native Radio.

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  • Good post. As a Muslim there is no need for us to celebrate "thanksgiving day" as I recognise everyday is thanksgiving and I give it at least five times a day.

    For American Indians this days is representitive of disaster, of a holocaust in which more of their people died than Jews died in the Holocaust.

    By Blogger أبو سنان, at 11/24/2005 09:08:00 PM  

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