Sunday, July 17, 2005

Welcome to Shox & Friends

(This mock media interview will take a number of parts and will include questions from hosts of a fictitious show "Shox & Friends". There will also be nasty audience calls. Readers are encourage to comment on the content and tone of the answers ...)

HOST: Welcome back to Shox & Friends. I’m Daniel Dumbspleen.

HOSTESS: And I’m Donna Dumblonde.

HOST: Today we are talking to Irfan Yusuf. Irfan is a lawyer from Sydney, and he joins us from our Sydney studios. Irfan, welcome to the show.

IY: Thanks, Mr DD.

HOST: If I could start with our first question. When there are bombings in Baghdad, we see Muslims shouting and protesting in the streets of Arab cities. Why aren’t those same crowds marching and shouting after the London bombings?

IY: I think that is an excellent question. I wish I could answer it, but I have never been to an Arab city.

HOSTESS: Yeah, but wouldn’t you know about feelings of the Moslem world toward terrorism?

IY: Ms DD, there are some 1.2 billion Muslims across the world. I haven’t met them all, but the ones I have spoken to are totally appalled by any attacks on innocent civilians. You have to remember that human life is just as sacred to Muslims as to followers of any faith tradition.

HOST: But it is Muslims carrying out most attacks around the world, isn’t it?

IY: Look, I honestly have to say I haven’t done any research on who commits the most terrorist acts. And I haven’t read any studies on this either.

HOSTESS: But surely you would watch the news and see Muslims always at the heart of terror.

IY: Yes, I do. And Muslims are always at the heart of terror. Because Muslims make up most of the victims of terrorist attacks. Given the number and proportion of Muslims that get killed, you’d think Muslims were being deliberately targeted by terrorists.

HOST: These young men who carried out the terror attacks. Why would young middle class men from Muslim families carry out these attacks?

IY: Well, I think we need to remember that investigations are continuing. We still don’t know for sure who did it or why. And we know that one of the suspects was of Jamaican background. And last I checked, British Jamaicans did not have a substantial Muslim community.

HOSTESS: Look, we have to take a break now. Irfan, stay with us. We will also be taking some calls, but first a few messages from our sponsors …

© Irfan Yusuf 2005

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  • you are just ignoring the real problems of Islam - it must be regulated.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/17/2005 10:03:00 AM  

  • Ok, I get it we the "dumb" world are amazed by your infinite wisdom display here, no let us pleeaase retract from everything we have said in the past: the 9 11 it wasn'the muslims, the madrid train bombings it was not the muslims, the jackarta hotel bombing wasn't the muslims either!, the massacre of the defendless 300 little children in beslan russia where not muslims !!!, the the terrorist beheading people in thailand are not muslims... we are very sorry I repeat very sorry that at one point we tought these terrorists where muslims, we the world are ignorants and hardly ever look at factual evidence, oh and we very rarely lurk around muslim forums to learn "what's cooking" please we beg you to excuse us, from now on the world shall read al jazeera where they publish unbiased and reliable articles and news like "the usa create the tsunami" or "the earthquake in iran usa responsible" and many more, now please wonderful muslim people please forgive us please? we know now that muslims had never ever created not even in their dreams a filthy scum bag terrorists !!! is just a figment of our imagination those jihad doctrines preached every friday night at our local mosques are just plain zany good intentioned speaches, meant for the youngsters to embrace jihad wich mean: love your neighbor ...typical muslim mindset ideology to deny your wrongdoings and blame the world for everything, may eventually your faith shed out your extremist and sort out your radicals that had hurt su much islam and the whole world atte: a non american, non christian non jew concerned citizen of this world. oh and for the americans jews and christians i have also address to them their errors of course in their own forums

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/17/2005 05:23:00 PM  

  • Dear Sir:

    Are you retarded? Or just a complete ignoramus? Don't issue a fatwa against me or anything, I'm just wondering.

    Good day.

    By Blogger The Powers That Be, at 7/19/2005 08:59:00 AM  

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