Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ihsan podcast #4: Lodi and Liverpool

Episode #4 of the Ihsan Podcast features a KPFA interview on the FBI harassment of a Pakistani Muslim community in Lodi, California - and - a report on a masjid burning in Liverpool, England.

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Bombs in the UK, the shock and fear of my relatives living in London and my recent trip to Lodi, CA jostle with each other in my mind. Action, Reaction, Reality.

On June 8th 2005 the media received a copy of an affidavit from the FBI accusing 2 men they had picked up in Lodi, California, of terrorism. As more men (including 2 imams) were arrested in Lodi, the FBI filed their affidavits with the court. These affidavits did not mention terrorism, but were changed to accuse the men of lying to the FBI. By then, the truth was too late, the media blitz had occurred, "terror", "mosque", “Al Qaeda”, muslim-sounding names – and Lodi - had been conflated.

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