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Body and Soul

Our bodies are only one part of who we are as humans. Medicine, before the separation of “science and religion” was not only about the body, but included the psycho-spiritual make up of humans. This was not only true in the Islamic tradition, but also in traditional herbal medicine of Native Americans, and even Europeans who included prayer and “ritual” as part of the healing process.

These days, conventional/allopathic medical doctors are re-discovering the wheel and recognizing the “power” of prayer - nothing surprising, or “new” - but for those of us who may have bought into the techonological/scientific society lock stock and barrel - it might do us some good to begin re-membering. For those of you in the New York City area, there is a conference on Body and Soul, including Muslim healers and conventional medical physicians - that sounds like it would be well worth attending.

Events will take place at the Hammer Health Science Building HSC 301 at
Columbia University Medical Center in Manhattan, New York City.

Saturday - Sunday, July 9-10, 2005

Hammer Health Science Center (HHSC)
701 West 168th Street
New York, NY 10032

Saturday - Sunday, July 9-10, 2005

10:00 am — 6:00 pm

A two-day seminar to inspire you to live a healthy, balanced, and
fulfilling life featuring Hakim Archuletta.

You will learn more about holistic and natural health, using food as
medicine, as well as practical tips on how to safely and effectively
combine the best of conventional medicine and natural healing.

Topics include eating well, emotional health, spirituality, and the means
to live a more meaningful life.

Events will take place at the Hammer Health Science Building HSC 301 at
Columbia University Medical Center in Manhattan, New York City.

Hammer Health Science Center (HHSC)
701 West 168th Street
New York, NY 10032

Sidi Hakim Archuletta

Hakim Archuletta has worked within the healing arts profession for over 30
years. His interest in medicine and natural health and the study of God’s
Creation began as a child. His first formal studies were in the Fine Arts
which he studied in the 60’s in Berkeley where his expertise ranged from
graphic arts to theater, cinema and ethnomusicology. He studied homeopathy
and apprenticed with Dr. John Damonte in London in the early 70’s. He
continued these studies in Berkeley apprenticing with homeopathic doctors
and working with the first Homeopathic Study group there. He continued his
studies in the Middle East, England and North Africa in the mid 70’s.

In 1978, he travelled to Pakistan at the invitation of Hakim Mohammad Said
of the Hamdard Foundation and studied there with various Hakims
(traditional Islamic doctors) supported by grants from the Bawani Trust.
His main teacher was Hakim Taqiuddin Ahmad at the Nizami Dawakhana, where
he learned Pharmacy in the Unani tradition. There he earned the title of

Returning to the Americas in 1980, he began teaching students privately
and established a family practice clinic in Santa Barbara California. He
has conducted and taught study groups for homeopathy in Santa Barbara,
California, Taos, Abiquiu, and Los Alamos, New Mexico for professional and
lay persons. He began extensive work as counselor, consultant and
Hakim/Homeopath in Abiquiu, New Mexico and by traveling nationally for
over ten years. This also included workshops on communication and
community consensus building including special focus on youth. He worked
with young people for many years and taught science on a high school level
for six years in a very “hands on” method and worked on curriculum that is
age appropriate and spiritually based in science for young people.

More recently he began to focus on trauma and was certified in the methods
of Dr. Peter Levine and others. Today he lectures and teaches classes and
workshops nationally. He has conducted workshops and lectured at
University of California Berkeley, Harvard, Wellesley, Stanford, UCLA,
University of Houston and many others. He addressed and led the New Mexico
State Congress in opening prayers after 9/11, writes, reads and organizes
poetry readings. He has students and patients worldwide.

Ather Ali, N.D.

Dr. Ali is originally from California where he completed a B.S. in
Psychobiology from UCLA. He then obtained a Doctorate in Naturopathic
Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington and completed a
residency in Integrative Medicine from Griffin Hospital and the University
of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is currently a
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Yale Prevention Research Center, MPH
candidate at the Yale School of Public Health, and Clinical Faculty at the
University of Bridgeport.

Katey Cofrancesco, D.C. and Lou Cofrancesco, D.C.

Drs. Katey and Lou Cofrancesco have been in private family practice in the
Bethany/Woodbridge area for 13 years. They received their Doctorates in
Chiropractic from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1989. Katey
has also studied yoga for over 15 years, and since 1999 has developed and
taught yoga based on her knowledge of spinal biomechanics. Lou’s interest
in the healing arts began over two decades ago with a focus upon martial
arts, natural foods and massage therapy. The Cofrancescos live in Bethany
with their three children.

Sumiya Khan, MS., R.D.

Sumiya is originally from California, where she completed a B.S. in
Community Nutrition from the University of California at Davis. She earned
a Masters degree in Clinical and Counseling Nutrition from Bastyr
University, specializing in Natural Foods Nurition. Sumiya became a
Registered Dietitian after completing a Dietetic Internship at Sea Mar
Community Health Centers in Seattle. She currently works as a WIC Program
Nutritionist at the Naugatuck Valley Health District in Seymour, CT. She
lives with her husband, Ather Ali, in New Haven.

Saquib Lakhani, M.D.

Dr. Lakhani was born in Massachusetts and grew up in Virginia. He obtained
his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Virginia
before completing a residency in pediatrics at Washington University-St
Louis Children’s Hosptial. He then came to New Haven, and after finishing
fellowship training has been working as an attending physician on the
pediatric critical care faculty at Yale University.

Imam Dawood Ya Sin

Born in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, Imam Dawood is the Imam of Masjid
Al Islam in New Haven. He left his studies at Southern Connecticut State
University in International Relations and Foreign Diplomacy after being
hired by Willhelmina Models of New York City in 1991. As a professional
model, he worked in London, Paris, New York City, and Milan. In 1996, Imam
Dawood embraced Islam during a modeling campaign in South Africa. From
there he began his training in Islamic studies traveling to Saudi Arabia,
Pakistan and India. In 1997, he moved to Syria where he formally studied
the Arabic language and Islamic Sciences for four years at the Abu Nur
Institute. Imam Dawood returned to New Haven in 2002 where he lives with
his wife and children.

Pre-register at www.wisdommedicine.org by July 4, 2005.
Saturday and Sunday: $25
Single day: $15

Prices will increase to $35/both days, $20 single day after July 4.
On site registration is available.

For more information, E-mail: info at wisdommedicine.org



SATURDAY, JULY 9.’Imparting Wellness’
9:00 - Registration
9:45 - Welcome and Introduction
10:00 - Hikma: The Concept of `Wisdom Medicine by Sidi Hakim Archuletta
10:45 - Question and Answer Session
11:00 - Eating for Health with Whole by Sumiya Khan, MS, RD
11:30 - A Holistic Approach to Wellness by Ather Ali, ND
12:00 - Question and Answer Session
12:30-2:00 - Lunch Break and Prayer
2:00 - Purification of the Soul and Our Connection to Nature by Imam Dawood Ya Sin
2:45 - Question and Answer Session
3:00 - The Body: The Importance of Musculoskeletal Health by Katey Cofrancesco, DC and Lou Cofrancesco, DC
4:00 - Break
4:15 - Raising Healthy Children by Saquib Lakhani, MD
5:00 - Living in Our Bodies by Sidi Hakim Archuletta
6:00 - Adjourn

SUNDAY, JULY 10.More on `Wisdom Medicne’

9:30 - Registration
10:00 - Creating Illness: Disconnecting from Reality and Trauma by Sidi Hakim Archuletta
11:30 - Question and Answer Session
12:00-1:30 - Lunch Break and Prayer
1:30 - Experiential Session in Breathing and Remembrance
2:30 - Becoming Whole Again with a Reality-Centered Life by Sidi Hakim Archuletta
4:30 -Question and Answer Session


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