Friday, May 06, 2005

Raising funds for the 2 Muslim Sisters detained by FBI/INS + GOOD NEWS

As Salaam u Alaikum,

Shukr-Alhamdullillah! Just received news that the Guinean sister has been released (with some conditions). The father of the Guinean girl, and the Bangladeshi girl are still detained. Both families are still in desperate need of funds, so please contribute if you can.

And make dua (prayer) for the families.


if you could forward this to your lists.

As most people should be aware, two muslim sister (both aged 16) were picked up here in NYC, initially accused of being would-be suicide bombers, but now the FBI has retreated and is standing by an 'immigration violations' charge. The families are in a dire situation, and one of them is homeless (moving around from house to house). The families need to raise almost $10,000 for lawyers, housing, food, visit to the detention center, etc, and are in desperate need.

click here to donate through Pay Pal

Emergency Family Fund / CAIR NY
c/o 9-11 relief program / Adem Carroll, ICNA
166-26 89th Avenue
Jamaica, NY, 11432
Donations are tax exempt

FOR RUNNING UPDATES check: http://detainthis.blogspot.com/

Please contribute in anyway you can.

And make DUA for the families

rab rakh

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  • As Salaam u Alaikum,

    So the Guinean sister has been released and is back at home and school. She was released under the conditions of a gag order, however, and is unable to talk about her experiences and ordeal. Her father continues to be locked up though.

    The Bangladeshi sister and family, have accepted to leave the country. While I am happy for that the ordeal will soon end for the family, I feel disappointed that the government, in both cases, will ensure that it does not get exposed and embarrased, nor be held accountable, for what it did to these families.

    Meanwhile, hundreds of other immigrant families continue to suffer under similar circumstances minus the benefit of publicity.

    May Allah give us the strength to be patient, and deliver us from oppression and suffering.

    By Blogger malangbaba, at 5/09/2005 09:25:00 AM  

  • Salaam,

    Link to NYT article on the released Guinean Sister:


    By Blogger malangbaba, at 5/09/2005 09:28:00 AM  

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