Friday, May 06, 2005

British Elections: Muslim Vote..

News report from The Guardian:

Galloway victory blow for Labour

George Galloway (Respect Party) stunned the (Labor) party which expelled him for his anti-war stance by stealing the safe Labour seat of Bethnal Green and Bow from Oona King, who voted for the invasion of Iraq.

In a sensational result, the former Labour MP for Glasgow Kelvin triumphed in the east London constituency which has been held by Labour since 1945.

Operating on a shoestring budget, the newly-founded Respect party targeted the 40% Muslim vote in the constituency and hammered home its anti-war message by depicting Ms King as a patsy for Tony Blair.

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Also check out the website for the Respect: The Unity Coalition

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  • Ol' Georges sucess is partly due to him canvassing widely before hand - in Sylhet, the area of Bangladesh where a large majority of UK bangladeshis originate from. he was there in march of this year.

    Also a UK group called MPACKhttp://www.mpacuk.org/ helped to oust Oona.

    It's great that muslims are becomeing politicised in the UK, but a huge shame they sound like right wing Christian fundamentalists. They hate George Bush but miss the glaring similarities.

    By Blogger ummiskander, at 5/09/2005 01:38:00 PM  

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