Monday, May 02, 2005

Al-Muntaha extradited over 'daffodil code'

British mobile phone salesman and cyber-activist Sidrat al-Muntaha has been successfully extradited to the United States, over allegations that he incited others to become part of the ‘Edam Jihad’, an al-Qaeda type conspiracy which is alleged to have surrounded the murder of Theo Van Gogh in November 2004. The charge is that al-Muntaha logged on to several holiday websites in October of last year and posted messages encouraging Muslims to go ‘Daffodil picking’ in the Netherlands. US prosecutors claim this was ‘code’ for a cell of Islamic terrorists to ‘awaken’ and murder Van Gogh, the Dutch film maker and cyclist who had been publicly critical of the Islamic faith.

Al-Muntaha was arrested at his home in Luton early last year, where police ransacking his personal belongings found a high-powered personal computer and gardening books linked to the ultra-extreme Wahhabi sect based in Saudi Arabia. “By his treasonous criminal acts and the length of his beard, he has proven himself to be a kingpin of hate around the world,” Snarled Judge Poodle, appointed to oversee all cases brought under the 2003 UK Extradition Act. Al-Muntaha's barrister was unable to comment, after falling ill with an attack of utter disbelief shortly after the adjournment.

Speaking via telephone from Bellmarsh Prison, al-Muntaha announced he would be standing for Parliament on May 5th.

“Let’s face it,” He reflected . “As things stand, I’ve probably got as good a chance of getting elected in Britain as I have of getting a fair hearing in an American court.”

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