Sunday, April 10, 2005

FOX TV: We Distort You Decide!

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News item: Iman Muhana

News item: Then they came for the children

News item: Hassiba Belbachir - the story of any woman


Cartoon by Khalil Bendib, a syndicated Muslim cartoonist based in Berkeley, CA

StudioBendib, All rights reserved.

For more Bendib cartoons, click www.bendib.com

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  • So true.

    Alan Colmes is the son of apes and pigs. Greta is a disgusting NEOCON too.



    By Blogger Ali_Sheik_Muhammad, at 7/27/2005 09:07:00 PM  

  • hypocrisy is making it's rounds in every culture and nation.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/08/2006 10:09:00 PM  

  • the titles good, have u ever seen the chasers war on everything?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/18/2007 12:26:00 AM  

  • I think this Ali Sheik Muhammad poster is a "Fake Muslim" by that I mean it's more likely a neocon posing as what he hopes a muslim would say because that keeps his war machine well oiled.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/07/2007 10:16:00 AM  

  • I realy do not like Moslims.
    Marocans, Turcs are comming to my country; Belgium only to profit from the social security benifits and that's wrong; anyway begging is still in your culture, once here you play the master and we should adapt our culture to yours or you are offended. It should be otherwise addapt or leave anyway we do not like you. Furthermore the Christian Judea culture is not cohabital with yours so leave us in Europe and other countries alone and stay where you are !!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/28/2009 01:53:00 PM  

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