Tuesday, February 15, 2005


by Raihana Yusufali

The moon glows with heightened excitement
The mighty heavens kneel down
The stars stare silently
The sweet melody of night
mutes to a silence of anticipation

He emerges -
His head bent
The heavens explode
into a pandemonium of excited whispers

Child of Ka’aba –
Born in the womb of Ka’aba
You invoked the Lord of Ka’aba
As the fierce fire of life died in your eyes

Captured Lion of Allah -
Your feet swollen, baked by a thousand suns
Frost-bitten by a thousand more winter nights
As you stood in worship
Feeling only the pain for HIs Love

Eyes weeping of thorn -
Knowing, seeing, red and sleepless

Recklessly in love -
The sweetness of sacrifice under the blanket
Feeling the comfort of the fragrance of his brother
The enemy ready to pounce

He takes quick steps
The awakened earth feels honored

Slave of Slaves
In its dark corners they wait –
Nobody knows their sad story
Helpless, forgotten and hungry
They know he will come
before the stars set

O Caliph -
The patches on your coarse dusty robe
Are like the jewels woven in finest silk

Stray a little longer
For to the night you are no stranger

Glance at the moon
And cast your shadow on her lonely face

How I wish I could kiss
the hem of your robe
as you quickly walk away

Raihana Yusufali is an artist residing in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota.

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