Thursday, January 13, 2005

Internment camps for Muslims in America?

Daniel Pipes internment camps.

News item Daniel Pipes favors internment camps for U.S. Muslims

News item: Bush does'nt re-nominate Pipes for the "Peace (sic) institute"

And news item:Bush nominates Michael Chertoff for chief of homeland security
Keep your eye on Michael Chertoff. As bad for the law and Constitution as many of Bush's judicial appointees are, Chertoff has been the architect of prosecutions in the "war on terror." And he may have big changes in mind for you, me, the courts, and the Constitution.
And click here for another Ihsan post on internment camps.

Cartoon by Khalil Bendib,
a syndicated Muslim cartoonist based in Berkeley, CA

StudioBendib, All rights reserved.

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