Friday, December 31, 2004

Which way will it go in 2005

Last few days I have wondered what the future holds for the American muslims. Will they be further marginalized and targetted by the administration while non-muslim americans look the other way. According to a survey by Cornell this doesn't seem too far fetched. Or will the strength of democracy and human rights overpower the frenzied witch-hunts against anything islamic.

Recently involuntary fingerprinting of muslims returning from Toronto made last page news in newspapers in the boonies. CAIR and ACLU joined hands and protested. Some government hack will make an appearance somewhere and talk equality and human rights of muslims and all will be forgotten until the next injustice against muslims. But there's no realistic hope that any feathers will be ruffled. One would live in a fools paradise to expect a similar shakeup of the immigration when chinese woman was beaten up at the border.

Many of the terrorism cases (lackawanna, detroit...) that were initiated with great publicity fizzled without a whimper of protests from most Americans. Being completely wrong didn't faze the administration which subsequently made "arrangements" for the victims to voluntarily leave the US.

On the positive side, many editorials are taking a stand against the use of torture and mockery of Geneva conventions by Gonzales.

So, which way will it go ?

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