Saturday, December 18, 2004

Remembering Mevlana...

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Rumi's urs (Sheb-i-Arus) is usually observed on the night of December 17th. A few words from the mathnawi to remember him... (Nicholson's translation Mathnawi, Book I: 1510-1513 )

...If we come to ignorance, that is His prison, and if we come to knowledge, that is His palace

And if we come to sleep, we are His intoxicated ones; and if to wakefulness, we are in His hands;

And if we weep, we are a cloud laden with bounty dispensed by Him;

And if we laugh, at that time we are His lightening;

And if we come to wrate and war, it is the reflection of His Might;

And if to peace and forgiveness, it is the reflection of His Love...

The ceremony of turning (Sema) in the Mevlevi tradition - performed on this night - comes to a close with a recitiation from the Quran:

Walillahi almashriqu waalmaghribu faaynama tuwalloo fathamma wajhu Allahi inna Allaha wasiAAun AAaleemun

To Allah belongs the East and the West
And weresoever you turn,
there is the Face of Allah;
Allah is All-embracing, All-knowing (2:115, Arberry translation)

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