Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Meaning of War

(This poem, intended for Ihsan, got mistakenly posted on another blog by peace4all - I'm forwarding it here - Altaf)


Thought I might share this poem my 12 year old daughter wrote recently........peace

The meaning of War

By: Suhayla

When will this war end
Has it really even begun
Would there of been a finish
If there never was a start

Can you really tell me the explanation of this war
Was it because of saddam, bin laden, or neither nor
Could it just of been
Just because
Did Bush want to have it, just to have some fun

Was this the point of the war
To send troops over there
To torture people who had nothing to do with it and that weren’t treated fair
And the troops tortured them without a single care
But when you hear that one of them dies you kinda think it’s fair

It’s not their fault if one of our people die
What, you want us to fight them
And them not even touch a fly

If you really had common sense, then I think you should know
In a war, when it starts, you can’t just expect to go
And your opponents fighting against you
Not to put up an equal fight

What if you’d done nothing
And some people come bomb your home
Now you’re sitting outside, huddled all alone

Listening to people screaming, crying, and fighting
Listening to gun shots in the air
Now another one is firing

What would you do if it were your country and your national home
Now you must just sit there, watching it get destroyed

Do you still think that they really are the ones,
Who came over and killed everybody else
They didn’t wreck our whole country
And ruin the lives of all the little ones
I think we should be the very greatful ones

So they got saddam and ruined the whole country
So what are they still doing taking over families

I don’t know about you, but it makes me really sick
Seeing a soldier sleeping in a bed
Where a poor kid once did

Now the soldiers don’t seem as bad off to me,
As the kid that once lived
In the tiny little house that used to be called his

But now where has he gone
The soldiers have taken his house
Has he died or has he vanished,
And if he has, will the soldiers now also claim his house

Now that you have heard this
Is this really the meaning of war?

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  • Well - even a 12 year old could've advised the Bushies and the "this is liberation not war" crowd- that there would be strong resistence when your nation is invaded.

    What were they expecting? Rose petals?! Oh - yeah, that is what they were expecting!

    By Blogger redwood, at 12/18/2004 01:15:00 AM  

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