Monday, December 13, 2004

Islamotrivia, part 1

Salam all,

You know how sometimes you start to wonder about something very, very trivial? Well, the other day I was watching a TV show about a hospital (I really don't know what it was, sorry) and at one point a character said to another one, "Sometimes, the mountain comes to Mohammed." I have heard variants on this expression in America but never in a Muslim country (I think the full expression/proverb is "if you can't bring Mohammed to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammad"). So, what the heck is its origin? Yes, I know I could use Google. But how about you all post suggestions and I will come back and clue you all in later as to the answer.

And I think trivia should be a regular category on Ihsan. As we progressive types always tend to take ourselves a lot too seriously.

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